Saturday, 7 May 2011

26th May 2011 - Great Britain Marches and Protests against Romanian Animal Cruelty

In Europe there have been massive demonstrations highlighting the brutallity that animals face in Romania, where the EU funds animal welfare schemes but for the most part the animals do not benefit from this and ill treatment of animals continue. The UK is way behind the rest of Europe in regards to this subject.

So get on board, this is one moment for all groups in the UK who care for the plight of Romanian animals to pull together and target the Romanian Embassy and Consulates. So, bring your banners, your adopted furry friends from Romania, your whistles and Posters.
For one great moment in history, let the roar of the Great Nations of Britain come together in London on 26th May 2011, and together we will tell Romania once and for all, that the people of Great Britain are no longer willing to stand by and let the animals in Romania suffer.

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